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Amana Meats

Select from our most popular summer sausages, beef snack sticks and famous beef jerky! Our summer sausages make great gifts and are perfect for party platters! To order our other Amana smokehouse specialties including hams, bacon, steaks and chops, and premium gift boxes, visit

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Sausage Sampler
Amana Double-Smoked Summer Sausage 14 oz.
Amana Light-Smoked Summer Sausage 14 oz.
Old World Summer Sausage 16 oz.
Amana Beef Salami 10 oz.
Amana Beef Thuringer 10 oz.
Amana Pfefferwurst 10 oz.
Amana Beef Snack Sticks 8 oz.
Amana Beef Jerky 1/4 lb.