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Irish Blend Tea

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Item #G2694
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A tasteful blend of black teas. Loose Leaf, 3 oz. Pouch

Irish Blend Tea Reviews

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My New Favorite
Sep 8, 2013  |  By Eric
This is a strong, delicious Irish Breakfast tea. I'm not an expert, but I find this one to be a little less tannic than some others I've had and likewise more complex and aromatic in flavor/aroma. I usually have it in the afternoon - it gives a nice lift to beat the PM "sag." Great tea.

Best Irish Breakfast in the Universe!
Aug 19, 2015  |  By Michael Gilstrap
I love strong black tea. I don't drink coffee. So a GREAT Irish Breakfast tea -- loose leaf -- matters a lot to me. I've searched, scoured the internet, and tried dozens of blends. The Amana Irish Blend is my daily tea after years searching. It's magnificent.