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U.S. Army 2nd Issue Wool Civil War Blanket

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U.S. Army Wool Civil War Bed Roll
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Colors: Ivory/Dark Brown
Item #W2304

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History buffs will truly enjoy this replicated Civil War blanket. Even if you are not a historian, you will enjoy the simple style and durability that only 100% wool offers. 65" x 90". Dry clean only. Made in Amana, Iowa USA!

U.S. Army 2nd Issue Wool Civil War Blanket Reviews

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Best Wool Blanket ever
Dec 25, 2011  |  By Michael DeAngelis
I received the second issue bedroll as a Christmas present from my aunt. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend, or family. It is extremely comfortable, as I've been wanting an Army blanket for a while now. It is perfect length for even taller people; I'm six feet tall and have room to spare. The ends are stitched, the quality is excellent, and it will probably last for years. In a country of many imports and economic interdependence, an american, quality product is refreshing. I tested it out last night and was not disappointed! It is extremely warm and comfortable: free of the scratchy feeling of a cheap wool sweater. Thank you Amana for making such a high-quality blanket and christmas present!

Great blanket!
Nov 6, 2012  |  By Ken Jurish
This thing is perfect: Soft, VERY warm, and just the right weight. I've tried down and synthetics and had to return to wool. Down was too hot and synthetics don't breathe. This blanket, doubled over, is just the perfect weight and warmth. Thank you SO much!