The Amana Furniture Shop has been continuously handcrafting American-made furniture and clocks since 1855. The furniture built by our earliest craftsmen still has a large influence on the collections we build now. For over 150 years, we have been creating timeless masterpieces that live beautifully in any home.


Not unlike our craftsmen today, Amana’s original craftsmen were simple, but extraordinary, artisans. With only a strong set of hand tools, the best local lumber, and a passion for their trade, they were able to create the same beautiful, high-quality furniture that we sell now.

Today, our furniture is still handcrafted right here in Amana. Each piece is built from start to finish by one of our experienced craftsmen. When the piece is done, the craftsman signs his or her name to the work, as a guarantee of true Amana quality.


Every piece of furniture we make is unique. However, some pieces are special before the wood is even cut. With our Kinnick Stadium Clock collection, we salvaged lumber from the historic University of Iowa stadium to create beatiful, one-of-a-kind clocks. Like the wood they come from, these clocks are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

World Class Quality

With over 150 years of experience, handed down from generation to generation, our talented artisans produce some of the highest quality, handcrafted goods in the world.


Nearly all of the wood used to craft our furniture is grown and harvested right in our backyard. This combination of historic preservation and modern design leads to lasting, one-of-a-kind products.

Precision Production

Amana artisans work on a single piece from start to finish, and then guarantee its quality by signing their name to it, like a fine piece of art.

The Amana Difference


Amana furniture has been handmade by master craftsmen for decades. That’s no secret. But you may not know just how meticulous our master woodworkers are in achieving the top quality possible. Here are just a few ways our craftsmen create beautiful furniture that will last a lifetime:

Dovetailed Joints

The dovetail is the best way to join two pieces of wood along their width. Each neatly cut dovetail interlocks, creating a joint that can resist enormous strain. Our drawers are dovetailed on both the front and back, providing one of the strongest builds possible.

Double Mortise and Tenon Joint

That’s right, two of ‘em. We hand-cut our mortises and our tenons to fit together perfectly. This type of joint creates increased gluing surface, making it much stronger than cheap dowel rods used elsewhere.

Carefully Matched Wood Grain

Every piece of wood is unique, meaning not all two pieces look great next to one another. We carefully match the wood grain on each plank in our furniture to ensure a natural, consistent look across the piece. Some might call us crazy; we prefer “perfectionists”.

Personally Crafted, Start to Finish

In an age where most everything is produced in giant factories, we continue to prove that machines can’t build furniture like we can. At Amana, your furniture is made by one craftsman, from the first nail to the finishing touches. And when they’re done, they sign their name to it as a testament to its quality.